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The Big 11:11 V2 B Formula Wheel Test

Finally received our much anticipated, updated V2 wheel formula! I made a couple of tweaks from our original V2 to create an even more responsive wheel and was eager to get some feedback. As a bonus our bulk Abec 7 bearings and first sample run of grip was was also in the box and I needed a quick conclusion so I decided this test could be handled by me ..... just a quick speed and slide ability test and we're good....... even the World's Oldest Skateboarder could handle that right.......

Hey look, these wheels work!

Wasn't as easy as I thought.....

It took me 4 Sundays just to film this speed line. To get an honest feel for the wheels I tested 4 other sets from various manufacturers to compare next to the V2B'S and while I’ve spent countless years behind the lens filming yourself is a much larger task than expected, especially when your changing wheels out and doing the same damn line over and over shooting with a plethora of gear that included Drone's, GoPro's, iPhones and "real" cameras.......

This simple test became somewhat of a groundhog day situation.... load the bike, head out of the garage, hit the iron horse trail, pass through the gates of the infamous Man Ramon skatepark, and hit my warm-up run. The run was the same every damn week - roll into the track, carve at a high rate of speed, hit a power slide, fly over the steep hip, grind over the next hip, sweeper then finish with a feeble to fakie on the steeps before I ultimately ran out of gas. However, it was me running out of steam, not the wheel-bearing combo...I can tell you these wheels and bearings are on point! When it comes to keeping your speed in a shitty wide open improperly designed park like Man Ramon, old age is a bitch kids but these wheels had me reliving my youth! I was skating longer and better than I had in 15 years. Was it just the wheels? No, but they certainly helped with the stoke factor

As a matter of fact, I was so hyped about how these skated and how I was skating I decided to put a few more weeks in and film some tricks I could be proud of

Then the shit got took a turn for the worse. When it was time to hit the harder stuff I ended up taking a "freak fall" and ended up in the hospital, straight to surgery. So no 540’s or 900’s on this edit but I swear as soon as this hip is fully healed and I get the green light I will finish this part…......

Most importantly though, we nailed it on the wheels and the bearings roll magnificently..... and at the end of the day, that's what this was all about. The fact I received a brand-new hip is just icing on the cake!


Need custom wheels for your brand? Hit us up for info baby -

Clips filmed by @4wbs, BROdela and Rodzilla

Yours Truly

- The World's Oldest Skateboarder


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