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The Perfect Shop Deck?

What makes a shop deck ideal? The answer is straightforward: striking the perfect balance between quality and price. Your customers expect top-notch quality, but you also can't price your shop deck like a high-end brand. With our 11:11 Prime Deck Series, we've nailed that sweet spot. Our decks boast superior quality, all while providing the margin you're looking for!

Our favorite test pilot, Jesse Boudreau, rips the world-famous Man Ramon Skatepark on a freshly pressed Prime Deck.

"Incredibly surprised it didn’t snap , I’m a board breaker even on flat ground . This was one of the blanks I ordered. Super friggin strong bro"

- Tim Bergeron, Brothers Boards

"I had a little time to kill today so I got out and clicked the tail around. The board felt stiff and poppy and no pressure cracks which being 240lbs I usually have a few on a new deck after a session.You know what it was for me is that it’s better than any shop wood i've tried. It’s a solid product and you should for sure feel comfortable putting your name and reputation on it."

- Shane Heil, Our New Test Pilot

Coming in hot with the parting shot ........ Jesse works the waterfall like a vet!


Available with your custom graphics (no set up fees) or blank.

Get at us for details -

- BROdela


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