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Darkness Island: The Creepy 2022 Sessions

Starting up 11:11 has been time-consuming to say the least. So much so that I had little time to skate, film, or take photos in 2022. I was chained to my office chair like a modern-day serf barely coming up for air much less partaking in the pursuit that spawned this distribution's life. However, I managed to crawl out into the light about 5 or 6 times in 22' and it was always to skate the Treasure Island track. I love this current rendition Josh and his crew has created so the few times I was able to get out to roll and capture souls, it was very quickly settled that I was returning to the island. My mental health appreciated the easy choice and I was never let down.

"After the 3rd session, we started to refer to T.I. as Darkness Island"

A somewhat spooky coincidence would happen every session though, we would roll up and the Goth superstar known as Danny Darkness would be there already skating, listening to Ministry, and smoking at a record pace. It was as if my phone was tapped, he was tipped off to the sesh or he was some sort of emo clairvoyant. Don't get me wrong, I love skating with Danny but I never told him about the sessions on the island and it got so strange that we wondered if Danny was living under the big bank with his beloved kitten. After the 3rd time out there and the inevitable hook-up with Darko we started to affectionately refer to T.I. as Darkness Island. Definitely a fitting name in honor of this man of mystery and his unique power to know when the party goes down.

Even though the missions were few far and few between we did manage to capture some fun maneuvers and Darkness ended up being a big part of this, my one and only edit of 2022. Unfortunately, no 900's or flip-ins but a shove-it-in did happen as well as a couple of flip-outs. All in all, some good old fashion shredding from the homeys that at the very least reminds me to get out way more in 23'........... and if we're lucky Danny will already be wherever those sessions happen to take place.


Darkness Island: The 2022 Photos

That's it for now kids! Get out and make something happen!!

- BROdela


Bonus Island: Secret Edit!

5 years, plenty of beers and even a few tears.... our time on the island has certainly been a grand adventure. I think I've lost more clips than I saved but here's a small look into our trek across the bridge over the last half decade plus. For the homey's, approved for the masses!

Bonus Island: The Photos


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