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The Year Of Living Dangerously: UC Berkeley Outtakes

Man, the pandemic sure did empty the streets at times. There would be whole weeks similar to Christmas morning, with no one around including security guards, leaving the spots that were a bust any other time vacant and ready to shred. Our crew wasn’t about to let this gift during one of the craziest times in recent history go to waste. We headed out to the streets on what started as a mission to get some Instagram clips and it ended up being a year-long process for @jesseboudreau to do a NBD on what is arguably one of the gnarliest rails in skateboarding. While I believe this boardslide on the campus is also an NBD it was just a mere warm-up for the Wicklow Wizard and quite frankly light work compared to all the other stuff that went down. Peep the clips and stay tuned for the future gnar!

Come for Rail, and Stay for the Treats!

This campus kinker isn't the only warm-up UC Berkeley has to offer.

Flower Child

Motley Crew


Jesse rode the Z9 shape during the entire filming mission!

Hit us up for info baby -

Clips filmed by @4wbs and @jace_gallups an @nickrodela_

Yours Truly

- BROdela


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