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The Thrasher Scans, Volume 3: DJ Chavez

Although I hung around for 6 years I never intended on being the sales manager at Think. The goal was to fuck around in the sales department until Phil's new company (Dumptruck) got off the ground. After that, I would be a full-time photographer for the new brand and travel the world with the crew. Great plan but unfortunately life has a way of throwing a curveball your way and the sudden death of Phil laid all plans to rest. I ended up talking on that greasy phone trying to sell a brand, that was no longer at its peak, for far too long. It wasn't all bad though, the parties at Think were legendary, Venture trucks sold like crazy, and although not a full-time photographer I did shoot a lot of ads for the various SF companies and produced stuff for Slap as often as I could. One of the best perks of the job though was talking with the few buyers that were actually down for the brand and there was no one more down than DJ. The rejection at the shop level for Think was high during this period and some calls were downright depressing so anytime a funny motherfucker like DJ was on the other end it would make my day. When DJ and I concluded he should come out to SF to see if he fit in with the team to say I was hyped would be an understatement. Before you knew it DJ was in SF and his journey into being a sponsored skateboarder began..... below is a glimpse into day one and a couple of subsequent shoots after that fateful day

Welcome To California

Straight off the plane to a 6 hour couch session. Then across the Bay to Duffeland to participate in a imporopteau team try out on a janky ass 15....... welcome to California lover!

What's The Story Morning Glory?

I know most of you have a terrible case of ADD but this story behind the story is a must see. DJ loves to tell a story so I ran over to Kingswell to get it straight from the rippers mouth (and it's a good one). He's right though, we didn't think he'd jump on that piece of poo

You Always Remember The First Time

With the 15 stair handled relatively easy I figured DJ was ready to step it up! This virgin Vallejo kinker was quite a leap forward but I was sure DJ was ready to roll. Sure enough homeboy was up to the task and made the first descent on this yet to be famous spot

Angle 2

I did a sweet article on Duffeland for Thrasher and they chose this angle as opposed to the first one. While I dig this shot I think the first angle shows the scale of this behemoth a little better than this medium format version....... homey definitely has the eye of the tiger on this one tho!

Infrared Blues

Trying to create a different look for our ads Greg wanted me to shoot infrared exclusively. the dreamy look and sick contrast was amazing. Unfortunately infrared was the hardest film to shoot, not to mention print, so for every 10 tricks I would shoot maybe 1 would come out correct. Too much grain, blowouts, focus off etc... shit was not easy. Luckily DJ was always happy to do more than a few takes if asked and I ended up getting a couple beauties.

A Danville Gem

Why doesn't anyone skate this spot?

Still Handsome After All These Years

Head over to Kingswell for a story or 2, DJ doesn't disappoint!




If this doesn't get you hyped to go skate I dont what to tell you

First Hand

Fuel X Hellrose = Good Ol' Days

Nine Club Knowledge


- Original post by the 4 Wheel Backscratcher 03/21/2022


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