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 11:11 Manufacturing • Dedicated For Life 

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience / Skater Owned and Operated!

 I remember the exact moment as if it were yesterday, I was 9yrs old and was having a particularly great day on my board and I said to myself "I'll never quit skateboarding"........ never"


 And, I never did........ from the late 70's pool explosion, the 80's skatepark boom, the 80's skatepark death, the 90's street surge, the bloated ASR trade shows of early 2000's, The surge of DIY, and the new skatepark boom of the last 15 years... I never bailed. Every era, every fad, every wheel size and every shape. I've been here through it all and my passion never waned and the stoke never died. In times of injury, I would shoot photos and in more recent years I would film but make no mistake when the injuries healed I was right back on board. It wasn't planned but when it came time to get a real job the skateboard industry took me in and I've never left. I worked for the absolute best skateboarding has to offer and endured the biggest asshole this industry has ever seen. I've done almost every job you can think of too: photographer, writer, every sales position imaginable, team management, brand management, distribution, warehouse monkey, web designer but the majority of my time has been spent in the manufacturing space. 

 These Years Of Dedication To Skateboarding Brought Me To My Final Project, 11:11 Manufacturing

 Manufacturing skate goods is nothing new, the fact that we manufacture everything from boards to bearings does make a brands purchasing headaches hurt a lot less though. Custom shapes have technically been around since day one and as I write this there are manufacturers from garage setups to the largest manufacturers like BBS producing custom boards. Distributing skateboards and skateboard-related products has been around forever, and companies like AWH and Eastern are masters of the method. Distribution directly from your manufacturer, saving on skyrocketing freight and labor costs, is relatively new in our industry. Especially from one that has the ability to produce and distribute all skate-related products, not just boards. Since online sales have become such an important part of a brand's overall sales Business to Consumer (b2c) services have blown up over the last few years. A brand can have the best ideas ever imagined but without a sales department, you can't get that killer product under the feet of your target market. Online marketing is key these days and even though everyone has a 4k camera in their pocket days finding a professional photographer and filmer is still tough. Seems like some brands have these high-end creators locked up and as we know those digital assets are crucial for a brand. Has there been a skate manufacturer that also produces all things apparel? Not only all print services but custom blank options as well? Not sure about that one but we offer this option as well.

At 11:11 We Offer All Of The Services Above Freeing Up Your Time For The Jobs That Matter

 The hassle and anxiety of doing jobs you never wanted to do but have to do in order for your brand to continue can and should be outsourced. Did you start your brand to be the shipping and invoice manager? Was purchasing agent on your mind when you dreamed up your brand? I would guess it was the creative part of your brand that sparked your interest in the first place. Road trips with the crew, producing quality videos, crafting cool products, and creating a brand you and your community were proud of was probably the dream. Hit us up to see what we can do and let's get back to that original goal.

 We will never bullshit you, we will never hard sell you........ but we will make your life easier


We aren't here just to manufacture goods and assist in running your business, the skateboard culture still matters the most to us. Do you have a contest or demo coming up? Working on a secret DIY? Have a good idea for an article on our site? Or just want to talk about the trick of the year? Hit us up, we would love to contribute to your scene or have you contribute to ours! 

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At 11:11 our philosophy is simple. We rely on the strength of our local and global relationships, strive for quality in everything we do, and believe in craftsmanship above all else. From the original point of conception to the delivery of the final product, 11:11 will assist in all stages of sourcing, product development, manufacturing, fulfillment and marketing. We strive to be known as the ultimate one stop solution for your brand with an unparalleled ability to be a true start-to-finish outlet for our clients.


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